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This is Crystal who is an eighteen week old Pomeranian and her cousin Saffy who is an eight year old Japanese Spitz. They were both amazing to groom and very much deserve the Dog of the Month xxx


“Lovely, reliable, very friendly service. Very Happy and Definitely wouldn’t go anywhere else”

Lynette - Max, Alfie and Monty

“This is a really good service ensuring your pet remains stress free with a fantastic result”

Penny - Tilly

How the service works

I come to you to groom your dog in the comfort of your own home. I have found that your dog is a lot calmer in familiar surroundings. This way there are no other dogs barking which can be stressful to your dog. There is no cage drying which can be risky to your treasured pet and you as the owner can see how the dog is progressing at every stage of the grooming process.

I will bring with me all that is required to groom your dog as I have portable equipment. All that I ask is for the use of your bath/shower or in some instances the kitchen sink depending on the size of your dog. I will always leave your house in the way I found it.

“Jayne, many thanks for your patience and care with my little fidget, Jakey. I’m very fussy about who I trust with my boy, so it’s a relief to know he’s in your safe hands. He always looks stunning after you’ve groomed him and I get many compliments on his appearance. Once again many thanks”
 Sian - Jakey

Dogs of the Month

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